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The Bass Sisters

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Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Prayer & Pound Cake

For 15 years, we have survived and thrived running a family-owned business in Washington, D.C. one of the most competitive regions of the country.  We share the lessons we've learned in our first book Prayer & Pound Cake. 

We would be THRILLED to speak at your next event!  


Business Empowerment

Know Your Value

Passion, Performance and Profit

Hire To Your Weakness & Build Your Tribe

Build Your Brand Beyond Social Media

Politics & Culture

Cancel Culture & The First Amendment

Attack Policy Not People

Representation Matters - Run Girl Run


The Internet Is Not a Co-Parent

Support Staff  - Professional Aunt No Kids

Faith and Family First



What the people are saying about the Bass Sisters.

I can officially say, “I adore both of you!”  Your wisdom and thoughtful words seriously blessed me which means you did the same for a whole lot of people! In a time when life seems crazy, you both brought joy and calm! Thank you!


We really appreciate you both taking time to share your inspiration with the SheFactor and Policy Circle network.


I really appreciate how principled, smart, freedom loving and nice you all are.  BTW, it really takes all four to be effective.


We rely on data to optimize your campaigns for the best possible outcomes. First, identify

Dee Dee and Deana are champions of entrepreneurs. Over fifteen years ago, they took the brave step and became small business owners when they launched their public affairs firm. Bass Public Affairs survives and thrives because of faithful prayers backed by strategic actions. Generous slices of their Mama’s pound cake provide fuel along the way.

Prayer and Pound Cake shares tactical business lessons that have helped them beat recessions, depressions, and global pandemics. Their most important lessons come from the Holy Scriptures shared in the book.


In addition to their work with Bass Public Affairs, they co-host a weekly podcast, Policy and Pound Cake. They also co-host a television show, Beyond The Narrative, which airs in Washington, D.C. Sought after public speakers, the Bass Sisters have shared their opinions and insights on national and international media outlets, including the BBC, SKY News, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the Black News Channel.

The Bass Sisters grew up in Columbus, Georgia, but today call the Washington, D.C. metro area home. Dee Dee is married to Brian Wilbon. They have four children and live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Deana lives three point one miles from Dee Dee with her husband, La Forrest Williams.